About Elias Concrete & Paving

An early memory of Cedric C. Elias, founder of Elias Construction, was of Welsh farmers working the local area beet fields with horse-drawn ploughs. “There was a lot of open land in those days,” Mr. Elias said, and for the future, a lot of room for the vast growth that was to begin in Southern California and Pomona at the end of World War II.

Following graduation from high school in Pomona, Mr. Elias recognized the opportunities awaiting someone who could provide professional, economical construction services to this exploding market. In 1945 he started a small construction company that became the foundation for establishing himself as a reputable contractor who did quality work. By 1958 he was beginning to attract larger contracts, one of which was with the city of Pomona to grade and landscape areas in the northern part of the city for $7,000, a substantial sum in those days.

Business was flourishing, and Elias continued as an independent contractor doing work for cities and private customers under the name of Cedric C. Elias Paving Company.

In 1988 the business was taken over by sons Greg and Tony, and they continue to this day, providing professional & economical asphalt paving and concrete work for Southern California. They’re very well-known, liked, and respected citizens of Pomona, and their capability of doing both concrete and asphalt work is often a benefit, for coordinating the two trades on jobsites, and for saving the client the need to hire two separate contractors.

(2 photos, and excerpts paraphrased from the book Pomona, A Centennial History by Gloria Ricci Lothrop, ©1988)

Cedric Elias

A freak snowstorm in 1960 did not stop Cedric Elias from fulfilling a contract.

Elias Construction - Street Rebuilding 1960's

Elias Construction preparing a local street for rebuilding, c. 1960's.

Elias Concrete and Paving Modern Fleet

Some of Elias' current equipment fleet.

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